Analytics on the site

Nope this isn’t going to be any tech-related post!

Was looking at the site stats via the blog dashboard, (and I don’t do this on a daily basis) and realised that people land on my blog for one reason: they are interested in the japanese rape outrage.

And this is what Google Analytics says..

This has been happening for a few years now, the blog gets hits pretty frequent based on this search. Till date, I’ve yet figured out why. -_-!

Reserved seats for the Needy

I seldom blog during lunch hours, but I really got pissed off after reading this article on hardwarezone. Pissed that this guy simply ignored the old man’s request for the seat. More pissed off when someone commented this:

Yes he may be a paying commuter too, but shouldn’t we all be considerate?

When I was in Korea, no one ever touches the reserved seats (See pic above, the seats are of a different colour and are situated at both ends of the carriages)! Regardless peak or off-peak hours, packed or non-crowded train, reserved means reserved. The locals will stare at you if you take the reserved seats!

Putting myself in the shoes of the elderly, I would greatly appreciate if there are seats for me ’cause my legs are not as strong as they used to be.

I’m pretty fine if we take the seats when there are no needy personnel around, but give up the seats if you see them! And not hog by pretending to sleep!

On another note, we do not know the entire story. These people might have internal injuries but not serious enough to have a cast or to use crutches. It’s always those black horses who spoil the market.

Nevertheless, I think we should exercise consideration on public transport. Give up your seats to people who need it more than you.


Nothing beats seeing a sudden MSN message that says “jiayou! No matter what happens, remember that we’ll always be there for you” 🙂

That brightened up my day immediately!

Am not a very sociable person, so I’m really glad to have this group of gfs who have no issues of hearing my complaints (almost typed whines but I think I’ve never whined to them before).

If I were to think of one plus point of studying in NTU, it will be them. They are the only reason I loved school life!

Thank you my dear gals! I wonder how I survived before I met you gals! 😀

Thoughts of the Day

1) In an effort of having a healthy diet for the day, I’m drinking milk to sustain the hunger now.

2) Has to get used to the fact that new shoes ALWAYS equate to blisters.

3) Has to start consuming more fruits / veg, and lesser meat / fried food. The arms are starting to protest!

4) Emo days are not over, yet.

5) Still missing you, finding it hard to move on.

I can do with a life revamp

It might be the recent emotional roller coaster ride that brought along the emotional mood today.

Had a little bit of me-time today, and many thoughts came to the little mind.

Is my current life what I want? What can I do to achieve some breakthrough, in many areas of my life now?

Contentment is what I’ve been telling myself, but there are times when that doesn’t work. Those are the times when I felt lost in life, like now.

The current election might also be a trigger – I was telling mum yesterday, that choosing the ruling party is like my current situation in life – when you are too comfortable at your current point, and didn’t want to make major changes to it, you wouldn’t know if life can be better, if you choose to remain where you are.

I want a major breakthrough. But how? I probably need to take (another) long break and plan.

Or better still..

Engage an IA person to draft out my wireframes in life.
Get a designer to design a nice and pretty view based on the wireframes.
And have a project manager to make sure that I follow the wireframes according to the timeline.
And also have a suit to block unwanted noise.

That would be perfect.