How stupidity actually made my day

Of course it didn’t! Unless it’s some interesting stupidity đŸ˜€

Work is catching up on me. Just like how age catches up on everybody.

So on Tues, I decided to pay a visit to my hairdresser. Took a few minutes to decide on what to wear – I never wear skirts/dress when I visit the hairdresser so my bottoms selection was quite limited that day.

Called to make an appointment at 3.

Was real busy at work, but thought I needed a break since I OT-ed on Monday. Out of office I went, at 6.30pm.

Usual route – take bus to the next bus stop at Far East Shopping Centre, cross the road & take 502.

Waited almost 10minutes at the bus stop, no bus. Knowing that bus 502 stops at the bus stop behind Orchard MRT, I took train to Orchard instead.

The bus stop at the MRT exit doesn’t have bus 502 – no indication on the LED next-bus-arrival display, no 502 number on the sign board. Thinking it might be the other bus stop (there’s 2 bus stops at the MRT exit), I walked over.

Nope, bus 502 doesn’t stop there either. Time check: 6.50. My appointment was scheduled for 7.30pm.

Checked It told me 502 stops at the bus stop nearest to the exit. Checked the iPhone app tranSGuide. It told me the same thing. Thinking maybe gothere isn’t updated, I took bus 190 to the one opposite Far East (where I usually take 502). LED display doesn’t indicate 502. Neither does the sign board. I must have been in a very confused mood. Told myself maybe because it’s express service, so the LED / sign board don’t indicate.

4 buses of 190 came and went. No sight of 502. Time check: 7.10

It finally came to me that, I should check SBS guide.

La la la.

SBS website says. 502 has changed its route!! Time check: 7.15

Would be real stupid to cab down. There’s peak hour surcharge.

So I decided to head home instead. -_-!

I feel so stupid. Should have checked out the route before leaving office, but I was too busy!

Lesson learnt. ALWAYS check bus routes. No site is 100% reliable.

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