Being random

Always forgot there’s a reason why I don’t like taking trains. During peak hours, it’s worse than travelling on buses. You feel like a sardine jammed in a sandwich. Trains that do not bring you the whole journey, or you had to change 2 trains just to get to your destination. No idea why I got on the train that terminated its service at Yishun when i’m heading towards Bukit Batok. I swear the display board said Jurong East when I boarded!

Alighted at Yio Chu Kang and waited for the next (second in fact) train that goes Jurong East. Feels like being in outer space, surrounding looks so alien.

I think I’m still a bus person. Despite inconsiderate passengers who do not move to the rear, despite the irregular arrival timings. Despite having to tolerate traffic jams.

🙂 it’s a happy day.

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