The Hangout

At the recommendation of Huishan, the group of us (Victor, QQ, DK & me) headed down to The Hangout (Note: it’s a full flash site) last Thursday evening.

So what exactly is the place? Similar to The Minds Cafe / Settlers, it’s a place with games. On top of board / card games, there’s console games & wii as well!

Sounds fun eh?

Group of 5, but the rooms were booked, so we were allocated a small area along this stretch instead.

Since most of us have never played Guitar Heroes before, that was the first wii game we played!

(Huishan on mic, DK on guitar)

(DK on guitar, QQ on guitar)

(Victor on drums)

After almost an hour, we got bored and went on to play Raving Rabbids II (my constant favourite Wii game!). Too engrossed with playing that I didn’t take photos. 😀

2 days later, I met up with my Japanese class (7 years ago’s class) classmates for lunch at Liang Court. Been a long while since we last met up, Rebecca turned up with her family of 4!

(Becs’s son Kyle. Isn’t he a cutie? — his movement was too quick for the iphone)

Because we were in a group of 5 adults & 2 kids, we were given a room!

And the room was interestingly decorated, with Mario stickers!

Because we didn’t make it in time for the Happy Hour Package (2-6pm), we took the Console-Gaming Package instead. I think it cost $14.50 each for 2hrs, comes with free flow drinks, free flow Caramel Popcorn & 1 alacarte dish (which we took Cheese Fries). And I tell you.. Both the popcorn and cheese fries were NICE!

Played Raving Rabbids TV, but switched to Mario coz was too hard to play. LoL. And.. Mario was really fun! 5 of us took turns with the 4 wii controllers, Kate & Kyle seemed to have enjoyed themselves thoroughly throughout too!

(Kate seems to be enjoying herself)

(Gundam, LeeWei & me)

(Managed to steal some photos from Becs’s FB)

Here’s a view of the room!

It was an evening full of laughter. First in our history, and hopefully not the last! So much laughter that I got stitches :p

And that’s the end of my stories at The Hangout. If you’re keen on checking them out, they’re on facebook too!

And here’s sharing my favourite wall sticker!