Thanks for making my day

Yes I know I should be doing up the overdued entry, but personal thoughts never fail to come when I’m preparing to sleep!

Was reading through the feeds on Google Reader when I saw this from Mingli’s blog.

我想我没那么坚强 每个女孩其实一样
渴望着爱情的好 渴望被拥抱
小心将情绪收藏 比傻瓜还傻
刺猬的坚强全都是假象 哭吧

That’s the lyrics to Wen Lan’s song new song I think. This stenza seems to be reading my mind, my thoughts, my feelings. Wanting to make a step forward but afraid at the same time.

Nevertheless, a small action from u made my day (night actually) tonight. Thanks! You know who you are :))

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