the morning when everything went wrong

*cough* Yes I reached office ONLY at 11am! woohoo~ (?) haha

Out of house at 9am (which was already later than my usual timing). Saw a jammed BKE from the doorstep (Yes I stay just at the BKE exit). Learning from my previous lesson (the one which I left house at 8am for a 9.30am staff meeting, saw traffic jam and took train but ended up reaching office only at 9.30am), I decided to stay with my normal routine and take bus (which usually takes 45mins, 1hr 15mins for such traffic jams). I was prepared to reach office probably by 10.30am.


Wrong choice.

Bus frequency was low. All were packed. And I had 2 bus services that can bring me to town. Service 960 came ONCE and was packed. Service 190 came several times but ALL were packed – blame the inconsiderate passengers who didn’t want to move in. ANGRY!

After waiting for 30mins, I was tempted to just take urgent AM leave. But colleague said, since already wake up already.. no point wasting the leave. Which was logical anyway..

Finally managed to squeeze on service 190 at 9.47am. *phew*

The jam was pretty much the normal traffic jam. Was out of BKE by 10.05am? A distance that normally takes 5mins.

But then.. there was still a jam! ALAMAK! I didn’t catch this news on the radio! Another accident on PIE before Eng Neo exit!

And so.. I reached the Concorde Hotel bus stop (the one before Plaza Singapura) only at 10.27am, need to change bus to reach office.

LED display says services 16 comes in 12min, service 14 13min. So I hopped over to the foodcourt beside the hotel to get coffee, and see whatever I can get (preparing to skip lunch hour). Not many stalls were opened yet, so I got coffee and a chicken pau. One uncle was busy preparing my coffee, so I self-serviced to the chicken pau from the steamer next to me. I told the uncle I took chicken pau. But hor.. another uncle walked over, used his HAND to take the pau OUT of the paperbag to check what pau I took. WTF!!!!!! HELLO UNCLE! BE MORE HYGENIC CAN?!?!?!??! THE TONG IS JUST BESIDE YOU!! WAH LAO!!

Already not in a good mood from the 2 traffic jams, this uncle just had to spoil my day.

Almost time for bus 16 to arrive.

SBS 836 G. You’re making it to the news SOON. I flagged the bus. (And I wasn’t the only one who wanted to take that service). Bus slowed down but DIDN’T STOP! WTF AGAIN?!?!?!
THERE WERE ONLY A FEW CATS ON THE BUS!!! (Literally translated from 小猫几只 which means there were only a few people on board, less than 10!)


Chill chill.. bus 14 is just behind..

Alighted at the suntec bus stop. While I was walking to Shaw Tower, felt something cool on my toe (something dropped on it). Looked down and saw.. a jelly-like squishy thingy! WTF for the THIRD time! EEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Didn’t know what it is, used tissue and wiped it off.

And so.. I reached office only at 11am.


Post edit: And oh.. the coffee SUCKS too! *sick*

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