Aching muscles

This has been a draft since 21Apr. Long time since I last sat down and complete the post. Continuing at last.

I’m not having enough sleep that’s for sure.

Had a strange dream last night, that Minyee went for a blind date! -.- And from her current house @ BB (in the dream), we have to help “transport” the groom to the new house @ JE. And the Trans-Island bus that we took, made so many turns that we alighted too early! Can’t remember how we made our way there, since the next scene of the dream, we were already at the destination. Why would Minyee go on a blind date and marrying that guy at the next instant? LoL! So funny!

Sun 13 Apr
Woke up freaking early at 7am! Went to 扫墓. Sigh.. Seeing grandpa’s photo there made me tear. Tear not from the smoky environment. =( For the few days after that, I miss Grandpa. Though I do not have that memories of him, except remembering him smoking from his pipe, and his last few months on earth lying on the bed, needing the help of the oxygen tank.. But I was told he doted me the most among all the grandchildren. Sigh..

Wed 16 Apr
Coz I missed my grandpa, I realised I’ve not been catching up with my cousin – my one and only 堂哥 – Richard. Called him out for dinner! Sushi Teh @ Raffles City. Glamorous place! XD Window shopping after that! KIV-ed 1 top from River Island!

Thur 17 Apr
Our dear friend Jerry’s finally out of ICU? Went down to TTSH to visit him, glad to see him as healthy as he can be! Hope you recover soon pal!

Sat 19 Apr
Had my first Jap lesson! Gosh I regretted it! This instructor’s class was soooooo basic! I wanted to learn conversational Jap! This instructor teaches how to write the basic Jap characters! Ahhhhhh
David Tao concert at night! Yeah Yeah! Very cool concert! Nicely arranged music. I’ve got the pics from the media, but have yet watermarked them. Meanwhile, check out the review!

Sun 20 Apr
Had my first Pilates class @ Woodlands! Exciting!
Knowing that I needed to get new clothes, Richard jio-ed me out to shop with his gf Kedy. Cool! Were at Far East when the 2 girls decided it had been a long time since we last shopped at Vivo, and so we jumped onto the cab and off we go! Walked into many of the branded shops, like A|X, Ted Baker (think that’s how it’s spelt, but it’s the one with the 2 rabbits hopping at the glass window), GAP, etc. Shiok! Even though they’re way beyond my budget, it feels good to just test wear the clothes. LoL. Bought myself 2 tops from MNG eventually, thanks to Richard who made the payment at the counter. Think I make a good 小女人. =D

I was stoning by the time I was back in office on Monday. And my muscles were starting to ache! Ouch!

Not much activities after work this week, except that I think I should start a parttime job by accompanying people for dinner. Have been doing that for the past months actually, as in – accompanying colleagues who are OT-ing for dinner. Wonder how much I could have earned if I can get paid. hahaha

It’s Friday tomorrow, and I’ve yet utilised the Iseatan $50 voucher and the Giordano $30 voucher, both due end Apr. Great.