A day filled with thoughts of joy

25 Dec 2007. 农历十一月十六.

Ah Gong’s 3rd death anniversary, according to the Chinese calendar.

Despite a wonderful morning to sleep in, most of us were already at 二舅’s house by 8am. After a quick sponsored-breakfast by cousin Elaine, we got down to serious work – 折金纸. Being a traditional family, many bags-filled-to-the-brim-as-big-as-the-recycling-plastic-bags were prepared.

10.30am. Time to bring those bags-full-of-金纸 downstairs to burn. Had a free hotter-than-sauna session. My arms were red at the end of the session =|

By lunch, we were all free. Plans were made to keep ourselves entertained – movies / ktv. Ended up at Teban Gardens RC Centre for a ktv session.

Interesting day I would say. It’s not often you get to see the whole extended family gather – 阿麽,、姑婆s、表姨s、舅舅s、舅母s、阿姨s、姨丈s、表哥s、表嫂 (only one at the moment)、表姐s、表姐夫s (though only one turned up today)、 表弟s、表妹s、表侄儿s、表侄女s. Other than the 9 people who couldn’t make it, the attendance hit a record of hmm.. let me count.. 52 people? That’s even more than the Christms party we had at 小姨’s house last week. =)

That’s how big my family is. We can be so closely knitted if we want to be. I love being with them. Made me feel great to be part of them =D

The gathering today made me realise, how we all have grown. Really. Missed those happy-go-lucky days.

The gathering today also made me realise, I should treasure my family more.

I wonder, when will we have a gathering with such a high attendance rate again.

And yes.. anyone with photos from today’s session, send me please. =D