weird weekend

It’s only the first day of this weekend.. and I’m feeling weird.

My 3 buddies have all gone overseas! Jkai has gone to China. Grouser has gone to Taipei. Yix has gone to Dayang. And I’m still in SG. And Jem is nowhere to be found in msn.
Feels weird to have no one to disturb via msn tonight. 3 more nights to endure!

Went school to pay hostel bill. Reached too early. In the end I had so much time to spare before leaving for tuition. Gd thing lian was online to keep me company. Dozed off on the bus to CCK. No matter how much I sleep at night, I’ll still be as tired during the day. Jialat.

Really feeling sick. I know it when the lower jawline starts to pain. -_-