slacker in action

ok updates. Lol!

I think hall life has made me more tired than usual, and life wasn’t as exciting as what LW has said. Maybe ’cause it’s already the 2nd semester, most of the activities were held in semester 1. I may be joining the Hall FOC (Freshmen Orientation Camp) though, so that if I have the intention of staying on next semester, I don’t have to worry about not having enough ECA points. Heard that as long as you help out at the FOC, you will be in the recommended list, and those in the list will definitely get a room in the hall.

Life so far wasn’t that bad. After lessons, there’s usually nowhere else to go other than go back to hall. I don’t have the urge to step into the library (like what I always do in the previous semesters). This is bad. It also means to say that I didn’t really get to study. It’s lectures, tutorials (always went in unprepared), labs and BED. Hahaha! Other than that, it’s SHOPPING!

Argh!! I have been taught everything about staying in hall, except to STUDY. Help!!