The Hokkien custom and tradition

Chanced upon a new local tv variety series on Mio TV last week – “Are You Hokkien? 你是福建人吗?”. It talks about the customs and traditions of one of the dialect groups in Singapore – Hokkien.

Just as we were watching episode 6 today, mum’s friend pop by with a box of cake, red eggs and ang-gu-kueh for the full month of her grandson!

Pretty box!

Cake, red eggs & ang gu kueh!

How I know it’s grandson and not granddaughter? Because the ang-gu-kuehs are sharp-edged! That’s something I learnt from the show 😀

While it may not be the full fledged set as according to the hokkien tradition, it still feels more heartwarming as compared to receiving those full-month vouchers that we have been seeing these years.

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