No longer unemployed :)

2 weeks into the new job now. Having worked in the private sector all these while, it’s a steep learning curve for the many protocols that I do not understand have to learn.

I’m not a headstrong person. If you explain the rationale why things are being done this way, I can easily understand and get on with the flow easily. But there are certain things that I have my own stand – some of which I have shared with close friends and they couldn’t understand either. I will give in eventually – that I know for sure. For that is the only way I can get things done. Just trying my luck on how long I can endure with this one protocol.

Nevertheless, it had been a good 2 weeks. Minusing the sleeping early and waking up early – and that’s a 10pm-6am timing, I think I am handling it pretty well so far. Thankfully all tuition classes were on hold these 2 weeks, as the students were having their school exams. I’m sure the 10-6 timing will soon be considered a luxury once classes resume next week.

Somehow I do think (for now at least!) I am born to be an educator. I feel happy when one of the students, from the relief classes I taught at the tuition centre, could recognize me when I popped by this afternoon. 😀 I love it when I am around students. I love it more when I was told that their grades actually improved. <3

Which made me drop the decision to stop all tuition. My students gave me strength to carry on. No I’m not kidding, they really do! Especially those who are willing to learn and keep asking questions about topics that they do not understand. I’m glad I made that slight difference to them 🙂

This post started off with the intention of updates on work, but I got distracted when I touched on the topic of tuition. Oops..

My new workdesk is an aspiring North Pole. So cold I had to wrap myself up like a ba4-zhang3 (dumpling).

North Pole in office


Day 1 at work, the table was in a clean state.2013-05-06 15.50.45At week 2, this is what it became:

2013-05-14 16.31.58Those A3 papers you see, were what I used to block the aircon duct above the desk. And that white divider to block the aircon coming from the duct in the centre of the room.

I have a plan to take a snapshot of the desk weekly, until 30 shots have been taken. And create a mini timelapse video to see how it evolves.. XD

As a general reminder to myself, I can handle the coldness at this aircon setting:

2013-05-16 14.50.17



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