2012 and resolutions for 2013

Every start of the year since 2010, I’ve been wanting to do a summary of the year post. Busyness took over the thought of it, unfortunately.

I had a post in 2010, summarising the year 2009. Couldn’t remember why it remained as draft. I should just publish the post, for the content reminded me why I loved social media back then, and how much fun I had. It also reminded me why I loved my job.

So I came up with a determination to do a summary for 2012/2011, despite it being mid-February-2013 now. Better late than never!

2009, in summary, was a year I got introduced to social media as a blogger.

2010, in summary, was a year I had LOTS of fun being a blogger.

2011 was a year I learnt how to play politics, simply because I was a victim and I needed to get out of it. Nevertheless, it was also a year I went on my first plane trip (to Korea!) and also my first business trip (which was my first solo plane trip too!). Also the year where I got posted to HK for work for several months. It was a tough 2nd-half year, with a work-project that had a steep learning curve. But I had fun due to the many firsts. First time experiencing winter, first time being away from home for such a long time.. And it’s also when I had to disappear from the blogging scene ‘coz I was far away from homeland..

2012. A year of ups and downs. The overseas posting worn me out. What came in multiples – politics, arrows. What came in negatives – sleep, enjoyment, passion. The year was very tough at work, with the multiples that came and the negatives that I didn’t have. Whatever passion I had was killed this year – passion towards work, passion towards social media, passion towards blogging, passion towards photography. All killed by the word “work”. No I’m not kidding. It was that bad. 2012 was a year I lost my passion for everything. I became a 行尸走肉 (corpse that walked) – everything I did was done by routine, it was done simply because it had to be done. There was no life injected in what was done.

There were a few takeaways for the year though!

  • Completed my first Standard Chartered 10km run walk!
  • Made so many plane trips that I”m very familiar with airport procedures, both in HKG & SIN
  • Got very familiar with 3-char country codes due to the nature of the project
  • Despite the many plane trips, the passport remained empty coz I used the express queue for residents (which is something that I missed!)
  • Made some good friends in HK!
  • Made a virgin trip to Taiwan!

And that pretty much sums up 2012.

Every start of the year since 2010, I’ve been also wanting to do a resolution for the new year post. “Resolutions don’t work for me” won the thought, unfortunately.

This year, however, I decided to set some goals for myself to achieve. Reachable goals.

  • Have a more balanced work-life (which I have already achieved by making the first step of throwing the white letter)
  • Take TOPIK exam (Korean)
  • Take JLPT N4
  • Take a good break and let the body recuperate (Planta Facitiis is back to haunt me after so many years)
  • Revive some passion for photography & blogging!

Will these goals be reached? We shall see my determination!

The next immediate thing that I need to do.. is to start processing those photos that I have taken over the past years and upload them..

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