『我们等你!』is a local production that portrays the lives of students of Brilliante Secondary School – a school that accepts students who have failed PSLE at least twice.

Students who perform badly in schools, students who keep going in/out of reformatory centres are not necessarily bad in nature.

There is this Chinese saying that goes 『人之初、性本善』. Everyone is born with a good nature. It is the environment that we grow up in that molds our character.

Most are forced by circumstances, and have no proper guidance. Quoting from the show – 『我们所碰到的,不是问题学生,而是问题父母』. Some of the kids portrayed in the drama come from single parent families, some with parents with mental disorder etc. I feel heartache for these kids for they can’t choose which family to be born into. Yet in such circumstances, they have to fight for their own survival – sometimes just to catch the attention from adults.

In this civilised country of ours, these are the people who go around being unnoticed. Generally termed as bad kids. Yet all they need is more understanding and patience to guide them back to the proper path or some sorts.

This show, just like any hospital shows, gave me a sudden inspiration to join the teaching profession (again!). But the show has too-simplified the teaching life of the teachers (as feedback by my teacher-friends) that it (unfortunately) gives false impressions to teachers-to-be. Nevertheless, if you have the passion and patience, why not? :p

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