I have a dream – Goose’s dream

First heard this song in the Kpop drama – Dream High (Episode 14) (or maybe I have the SuJu’s version, can’t remember..), and I googled. This is the original version (I think!) and I think it’s nicer!

난 난 꿈이 있었죠
버려지고 찢겨 남루하여도
내 가슴 깊숙히 보물과 같이 간직했던 꿈

혹 때론 누군가가
뜻 모를 비웃음 내 등뒤에 흘릴 때도
난 참아야 했죠 참을 수 있었죠
그날을 위해

늘 걱정하듯 말하죠
헛된 꿈은 독이라고
세상은 끝이 정해진 책처럼
이미 돌이킬 수 없는 현실이라고

그래요 난 난 꿈이 있어요
그 꿈을 믿어요.나를 지켜봐요
저 차갑게 서 있는 운명이란 벽앞에
당당히 마주칠 수 있어요

언젠가 나 그벽을 넘고서
저 하늘을 높이 날을 수 있어요
이 무거운 세상도 나를 묶을 순 없죠
내 삶의 끝에서
나 웃을 그날을 함께해요

Translated lyrics

I have a dream
Even if it is shredded or torn,
In my heart,
I’ve cherished it like a treasure

Even if I’m mocked behind my back,
I’ve endured
I could stand it,
waiting for that day

You always say worriedly,
Foolish dreams are poisonous
Just like the world is a book with a fixed ending,
it’s a reality that can’t be turned back

Yes, I have a dream
I believe in that dream,
Watch and see
In front of that cold brick wall called fate
I can stand confidently

One day, I’ll climb over that wall
I’ll be able to fly as high as the sky
Even this heavy world can’t tie me down
At the end of my life,
on that day that makes me smile
Be with me

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