Pre & Post Korea Trip

Lagging behind schedule, have got loads of photos to upload from the Korea trip! I’m not a professional photographer, so don’t put too high hopes ya..

Work had been pretty busy for the past 2 months, which is a good sign! Having had to do research for weeks previously.. It really feels good to be kept occupied .seriously. with work other than research.

Which means, I actually left for Korea in the middle of a mega project. =X

Nevertheless, since it was my first plane trip (yes I’m a mountain tortoise!), I chose to go ahead with the trip and thoroughly enjoyed myself (other than a few hiccups which shan’t be mentioned)!

In the 2 weeks that I’m back here in SG, I’ve been suffering from dry skin and unknown itchiness on the hands & legs. Been applying body lotion daily, and I felt like I wasn’t in SG since I’d never been this diligent before the trip! Even went to the extent of getting myself a Clarin’s Body Lotion which cost me $60 =| Second night of applying it and so far so good. It’d better be worth the money spent.

I should start changing my habit of sleeping late (12 midnight or 1am), and attempt to sleep by 12mn. The body clock went haywire after the trip.

Bad habits, off you go! Good (better) habits, here I come.

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