Planning for Korea trip [Part 1]

Yes I’m going Korea! woohoo~

Inspired by Carolyn & Lewis’s trip to Korea in Oct. So I’m doing my own research, for a 100% free-&-easy trip 🙂

Air tickets have been bought, at ~$576. Thanks to Cathay Airlines – HSBC Platinum card promotion.

With this place as my main agenda, activities shall be planned around here.

Everysing @ Myeong-dong

Found this fabulous Korea tourism site while googling for everysing. It’s pretty similar to our YourSingapore site. It has almost all the information that you’ll probably need. [That was where I got most of the info I needed for my production-brief for Carolyn!]

If you’ve been watching the recent K-Drama Personal Taste on Channel U, the place where the female lead is staying at, looks pretty cool eh? Yes.. I’m planning to make a visit to Sanggojae! Its actual name is Bukchon Hanok Village, a village with 600 years of history.

"Sanggojae" in Personal Taste

Korea here I come!! 🙂

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  1. saffyz:
    the promo is available till 31 Nov. Hv to fly by 31 Mar 2011.

    Cathay Airline Promo

    There’s a $30 admin charge if you buy direct from Cathay Airlines. Some agencies charge the admin fee too. Got ours from Zuji, cheaper than the stated $592 fee, with no admin charges. That’s approx $45 saved!

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