I have had enough

To get affected by the same person over and over again.

I’m not saying that I’m a perfect person who hasn’t done anything incorrect, no one is perfect in this world.

So are you.

More than once I feel like an arrow has been shot at me. From you.

I’m not a copywriter, so I’m not able to write flawlessly grammatically correct sentences.

I’m not a high flyer, so do not expect me to understand things the same way as you do.

Someone said he/she has meetings the entire day, even after working hours. You commented something about an event for that night.

All I replied was, “he/she has meeting after working hours, how to go?” What does that tell you?

“If you do not know anything, don’t comment”.

I do not know anything? What do I know?

I’m pretty sure I didn’t say anything else.

Everyone has a tolerance level. You’ve tested mine and you’ve won.

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