The taxi incident

How many times have you made a cab booking and the driver didn’t appear?

There’s currently this law that says cab drivers can only pick up passengers from taxi stands during certain hours of the day. With that, drivers are NOT ALLOWED to legally pick up passengers from Shaw Tower, right? Since there isn’t any taxi stand AT the building itself.

I have heavy bags in tow tonight. Called comfort hotline using office line. “Auto-pickup location: taxi stand before Shaw Tower. PRESS 1.” Ok did that. “Sorry that is an invalid location. Please wait for our operator to assist you.” WHAT?!?!?!

Directed to operator.

“What’s your location ma’am?” Hello? It’s a fixed line leh? Cannot see from caller ID meh?

Shaw Tower, I said.

“Oh ma’am, cannot pick up from Shaw Tower.”

Hey your auto-pickup said taxi stand is an INVALID location.

“Is the taxi stand number XXX?”

Sorry I’m not too sure. Have yet reached.

“ma’am please call us again when you reach the taxi stand”. HELLO? I cannot book cab when I’m < 5min away from pick-up location meh?

Dun worry I’m just 5mins away

“Ok. Please wait for the taxi number.”

Ok thank you.

“taxi: comfort sonata XXXX. arriving in 7-10 minutes”.

Huh so long ah.. Ok lor..

Takes bags and leave. (bags already packed before making the call)

Reached downstairs. Ehhhhhhh so many vacant cabs lor! Why I still book cab ah? *facepalm* since made booking liao, wait lor. Cannot cancel booking so many times, comfort will blacklist you de. Bo bian. WAIT for another 5-8mins lor.

Walked to taxi stand abt 100-200m away. Ok lah.. Not very far. But laptop and mooncakes HEAVY leh! Sigh..

Wait. Vacant cab zoom past. Wait again. MANY vacant cabs drove past. ARGHHHHHHH. If you cannot reach within 7mins then dun accept the booking lah… 🙁

10mins. WHERE’S THE BLOODY CAB???????

Depressed. 🙁 I want to go homeeeeeeeee

Oh here comes the cab! Eh driver! Where are you going??

The cab with an “on call” sign drove PAST. Oh no! No way am I going to walk BACK to Shaw Tower with my heavy bags!

Gave the driver 1min. Where’s the phone call? Don’t they usually CALL when they don’t see any passengers waiting?

No call.

Fine! Dials 6552-1111 AGAIN. CANCEL BOOKING.

BLOODY HELL. A hungry man is an angry man. Fits this scenario perfectly.

Thankfully a vacant cab appeared less than a minute later.


Wah laos. Super angry man!

Now who’s the one who said CANNOT PICK UP FROM SHAW TOWER huh?