The extra candle 2009

Suddenly inspired to hv a post with this topic.

All plans failed for the day. All the talks abt going for a nature walk, going to the optician, making a portfolio of the pinkys… FAILED.

The phone started ringing non-stop from 7am. I slept only at 3, having spent a fair bit of time on the post on the F1 trip. Not that I’m complaining of my sleep being interrupted, I’m in fact feeling very blessed having friends remembering the date. =) Regardless of how distant we had been. How long we’ve not been keeping in contact. How close we used to be. How close we are now. Thank you my dear friends!

Finally woke up at 11 and was too lazy to leave hse by the time I had lunch.

Procrastination won. Ended up sitting in front of the laptop. Didn’t feel like watching the long-overdue shows. Got too bored and decided to get myself a meaningful present. Searched for a webhosting company and finally is alive! Not an empty shell anymore. Hahha.. For the time being, it’s my experimental project. Until I move this blog over.

Kept thinking to myself, why am I still doing work when I’m on birthday leave?Yes.. is currently running on wordpressmu. A research that I’m doing at work to better-house some of my works and probably increase performance.

I feel so… dead. Think I need to get it over and done with, and take a proper break from work. When passion becomes work, u need to keep the fire burning. Else the passion will go and u’ll feel unmotivated with work.

Back to topic. Hahah digress too much already! The day ended with mcdonald dinner. It’s so… Unbelievable.

Some me-time for the day. Though procrastination spoilt the plans. Ended up nuahing the day away. But hey at least I got my site up!

Can still be considered a well-spent birthday I guess =)

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