A trip to Yishun

I decided I am NOT going to explore Yishun ALONE anytime in the near future.

‘Coz.. I nearly got lost during my trip yesterday LOL

Was supposed to reach Rebecca’s place at 3. But.. knowing me, after dilly-dallying, I expected myself to reach by 3.30. But hor.. I boarded the wrong 812 from Yishun interchange! *facepalm* The beauty of having an iPhone, is I can check where the block is on the map. When I saw that the bus turned the other direction, the bus stop that I supposedly was to alight at, turned out to be a school, I knew I was on the wrong bus lah..

So hor.. I walked all the way from Yishun Collabrium, along Yishun Road, down 4 bus stops. Never had I felt so stupid and lost leh.. Thankfully I still have a good sense of direction, can walk all the way without getting lost =)

And I got to see the beautiful sky when reaching Bec’s place!

By the time I reached Bec’s place, it was 3.45. Baby Kyle was asleep, at the instruction of Bec, targeted at the sister Kate, Min Min (the big cousin) took my hand and brought me to see the sleeping Kyle instead. HAhahaha.. 4 yr old Min Min doesn’t look her age leh.. She looks like she’s at least 5-6 yrs old. Let me see if I can find a photo of her on Elmo’s blog.

Here it is! The little girl on the right. The younger girl on the left is Win Win, Min Min’s sister, 2-3 months younger than Kate.

I was told (when I was leaving) that Min Min doesn’t really talk to strangers. I remembered that she totally ignored me when I visited baby Kate 2 yrs back. I guess I must have had more fats that made me look chubbier and kiddier? hahaha

So well, back to topic. Baby Kyle was asleep, so I had Kate to entertain me!

Then the mum asked her to do funny face.

Oh she was entertaining me with the bread toaster on her lap 😀

Moments later, Kyle woke up for his milk. Seeing that he’s back asleep after that, I had him in my arms! muahahahahha

You know that he’s sound asleep when this happens..

I totally forgot to take a photo of the cute shirts I bought for Kyle. At least.. I think they’re cute lah! Though Bec’s taste is much better than mine. HAHHA

And so.. I left Bec’s place reluctantly at 5.30. Disturbed them for too long already! Mission accomplished!