Lost phone

Sigh.. I’m feeling damn sad now. Lost without my phone, though my phone seldom rings.

Took cab home. Driver was a little bit impatient at the traffic light at office area (supposed to turn right) and he turned left, taking the route along Nicoll Highway to KPE to PIE. I got a pissed coz he was going one big round. Took out my phone to plurk. (thankfully thou, he stopped the metre way before we reached my house).

And yours truly left the phone on her lap after plurking.

When I alighted, I heard a thud sound actually. Checked the cab, saw nothing, and I closed the door. Few steps away, I felt something amiss. Checked my hand – no phone. Quickly checked my bag – no phone. SHIT! Turned back, tried to catch the driver’s attention before he drives away. Too late. Without much thinking, I quickly made my way home, got my mum to call my mobile.

Called taxi HQ, reported cab number, while trying to call my mobile at the same time.

Stood by the kitchen window. Then! I saw something shiny on the road (carpark)! Asked my sis if she can do me a favour. Think she was tired from her camp, she didn’t actually reply me. So I thought nvm..

Just then, a white van drove over to where the shiny object is. Driver alighted, picked it up and drove to the other side of the carpark and parked. (I could see from my kitchen window) And at this time, I saw the taxi driver drove in and starting to search the cab.

Yes! Someone answered the phone! Happily asked my brother to run to the van while I try to stall the person who took the phone. But the person didn’t speak! Blardy hell! I was so anxious already and you don’t want to say anything?!?!

Just as my brother reached first floor, the van driver drove off! WTF! Subsequet calls were not answered. wah kao!!!!

Just at this time, the taxi HQ called back and say the driver couldn’t find the phone. I felt so pai seh! Coz after hanging up the phone, the taxi driver still searched a few more times! I went downstairs wanting to thank him, but he drove off just as I reached first floor.

Sigh. I dunno if I should be happy or sad. Had been complaining over the past few days about my phone. Contemplating if I should sell it off and buy another one instead. Just “nice” I drop it? Argh!

My phone is just 1 mth old! Bought it on 3rd Nov only! =(

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