The Doc.

Thanks Zifen for organising the bbq! Had a great time catching up with everyone!

With me losing on the mahjong table, as usual, and the bbq at night. Meeting friends whom I’ve not met for 2 months (sounds short but feels very long), catching up (more of gossip actually) with the girls, bringing back memories of the days in university.

Time flies, 1 year out of school now. Gatherings are getting more less frequent, due to everyone’s work comittment.  But it’s still great to have such closeness despite fewer meet-ups!

Friday night was originally intended to stay late in office (to work) and catch the F1 practice race live. A last minute decision to meet LW for dinner at Suntec, and we managed to get back to my office just in time for the last practice session!

Feels exciting to see the cars driving faster & faster at the bends, with one almost crashing onto the barrier (thankfully the racer did a break in time) and one missing the turn and went forward (which the racer did a quick u-turn back onto the race track). The sounds of the VROOM VROOM is just so exciting! Even though I’ve been hearing it since 3pm from the first practice race.

The only (okay there are two actually) down thing about watching it from office is, I can’t see speeds of 300km/h as the view has got more bends (with one at acute angle) than the other half of the race track, as well as there’s no commentator. So there’s no way you’ll know what’s actually going on, and you can’t see the pit stop. 🙁 Which is partly the reason why I think I’d wanna spend my birthday night at home than at office, ‘coz I can catch the race live on tv with more closeup shots.

At the end of the practice race, the two ladies decided to walk out of the ERP zone to catch a cab home – to save on that $3 city surcharge, and spending the $ on cab fare because we were both carrying our work laptops, which if you’ve known, mine weighs a bomb, literally. It’s almost 3kg. I’m getting so used to carrying it to and fro work that my shoulders ache everyday. And my poor feet too.

Oh I’m getting a little bit random here, to end off the entry.

There was this time when I hitched a ride home with my girlfriend and her partner., with a slight detour to her colleague’s place to pick up some stuff. And according to my girlfriend, who told me only today, that colleague of hers actually asked if the friend-in-the-car is still single, and that he actually loitered a little bit longer after saying goodbye, trying to catch a better glimpse of the friend-in-the-car. Which later on I heard he wanted to introduce his friend to me. *faints* Theoretically I should feel honoured, but it feels weird for a married guy to say such stuff. hahaha

Ok that’s too random.

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