Short update

Nothing much that I can do with my Fujitsu laptop, since it’s so freaking slow.

So I thought I’ll try and see what I can blog on.

I’m still busy with work, yes I know work is endless. But once this project is over, which is going to be SOON, in say 2-3 weeks’ time, it’s gonna be woohoo~ time!

Still busy but slightly less busy, as most part of the bulk of work had been done, it’s mainly bug fixing now. So I’ve got a wee bit of time to hop over to XBOX area – after office hours – to play a bit of Wii that Yuhui brought to office.

And I must say, I’m addicted. *oops* They got me tempted to get one set of my own, so that the kids can play when they come my place.

Raving Rabbids 2, Ping Pong, Cooking Mama, Mario Kart. Haven started on Mario Kart though, there’s bound to have time for that.

Have been missing out on badminton & Pilates for the past 5 weeks at least. Gosh I need that minimal exercise that I can get every week.

Sigh I miss my after-work activities!

If you’ve chatted with me over msn recently, you might have noticed my display picture:

Let me introduce, this is baby Gabriel 李彦泽, Angie‘s newborn! More photos can be found here. Cute right this photo? Wonder how his parents taught him that. haha! For a 1 mth old, this photo is so cute!

Time really flies. Been receiving quite a number of wedding / baby shower invitations recently. Guess it’s the time now. But no worries, you probably won’t receive one from me anytime soon. =)

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