The only constant is change

There was something I wanted to write about. Really. But I just can’t seem to recall what it is about.

Grateful for this 1 day break from work. Had a nice “workout” in the pool, then @ the suana. Probably I should start doing that more often.

Letting go of something that I’ve been holding on dearly to for the past 1 year, is not an easy feat. Still working on it. =)

Alumni meeting this Sat. 1 year break from it, am I back to it again? I need some change to my life, will this be it?

As the topic says, (nope I didn’t get it from the CH8 show) the only constant is change. Sounds strange yet so true. The only thing that remains unchanged in our lives, is change. Changes always happen, regardless of you like it or not. Just so interesting. With the many changes that is always on the roll, we need to adapt to them. I realise it’s not easy to adapt to changes, having been going through a rough patch of mental struggle these days. We just have to face it, running away won’t help.

Yeah changes. We love you!

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