Life is all about..

Alrighty! I’ve updated part of my list of long-due songs. Songs that I came across over the past few months, but too busy to find the lyrics. Wanted to use them as a reminder to myself, but I think it’s hard.

Oh well =)

I’ve not had the time to upload photos of my company’s retreat. Have not had the time to download the photos taken with my phone (though I’ve uploaded to my photo blog).


On many issues. Not just one.

Been thinking a lot. Sometimes I really wish I’m back to many years ago, when I had the confidence to do what I want, work towards my goal, fight for what I think is right.

Keep thinking that life is so fragile. Which is a fact anyway. Had been pessimistic. Trying hard to remain optimistic, but somehow the fragility of life brought me down. =(

Keeping myself busy at work to prevent myself from thinking so much.

Not enough sleep for the past weeks, too deadly. That I slept for 14hrs this morning. The day didn’t turn out well anyway. Shan’t talk about it.

Countdown: 6 days!

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