Happy Piggy Year!

Happy Piggy Year to everyone!

1 year ( according to the chinese calendar ) ago, I was in Genting enjoying my first trip overseas with my cousins.

Feels like I’ve not been celebrating CNY for 2 years. LoL.

It’s the same routine every year. It had been a good day today, since it’s rare not seeing a sulky face today. We were the first family to reach as usual, so I think she had a sudden change of attitude.

Moved on to the next house. And that’s where the fun is. Ha. Steamboat lunch. Ban-luck after that. Forgetful me forgot to replenish the $$ in my wallet before going. Boo! Didn’t play much 2dae.

Hand itchy! I want to play mj!

Oh yes.. Oyster! It’s my turn to have a sprained ankle! =(

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