Happy Songs For A Great Recession

I’ve never been a fan of English songs..

First heard of Budak Pantai few years back when Jiawen told me about this cute song of theirs – Tribute to Titanic (it’s in the Budakmentary album).

*boys and girls, let me tell you a story. A story about a great big ship* *WOW!*

That’s like the only song I heard of theirs. Until DK told us about their Starbucks tour in Nov. And then I got to know of their concert!

Wasted no time in getting my tickets. Bought their latest album “Nothing Also Happy” and started getting to know the songs before the concert 3 weeks later.

They sang most of the songs in the new album! Plus some oldies.

  • Cool (aka Nite)
  • Retrenchment
  • Piah
  • Angels (Shirlyn from the UnXpected joined in too!)
  • Happy
  • An oldie – 为什么要对你掉眼泪
  • 橄榄树
  • No Matter (woohoo~ I like this song!)
  • All Rice
  • Nipples
  • Lighthouse
  • Also
  • I want my Jewels (not sure of the actual title)
  • 追 (Malay remix)
  • Leap for your love
  • Some christmas song, tribute to Michael Jackson
  • Ken Lee…. (if you remember Susan Boyle)
  • Unbreak my heart
  • ABBA (i think!)


  • 客人来
  • 12 Days of Christmas.. Hey baby hey baby hey
  • Hey There Delilah (one of my fav!)

Short 90mins concert, but I had real fun. Laughed throughout! I love how they fuse the songs! I love how they change the lyrics to existing songs. It’s so funny! Here are some of my favourites!

No Matter

This Love

Hey There Delilah

Not sure why, but I’m falling in love with their songs. There seems to be some kind of connections that I have. 😀

Mayday 创造DNA演唱会 2009



27日傍晚,Miss Oi 在 msn 上问我是否要陪她去28日的。兴奋!可是。。被我拒绝了!哈哈。。觉得真的好像太奢侈了啦!28日早上,因某种因素,心情不是很好,就觉得说,不如晚上去看演唱会,听五月天现场唱歌,心情一定会好起来!就msn了Miss Oi。她答应了!开心!怎么知道。。10分钟后,她改变主意了。:(


说回正题!隔了1年又4个月!2007年6月2日 五月天 《离开地球表面》 演唱会。2008年4月28日 五月天 《回到地球表面》演唱会。2009年8月29日 五月天《创造DNA》演唱会。


这次的演唱会,除了听歌以外,慢慢开始欣赏歌曲的编排、他们的服装、萤幕上播的video。觉得video 似乎太多了。虽然与主题配合的恰恰好,感觉好像不是在听演唱会,而是在看电影。有点不习惯丶觉得怪怪的,但还是继续享受演唱会 :)





Marié Digby’s Singapore concert 2009

Have long heard of her, thanks to JKai’s introduction to her youtube video (Stupid For You). Fell in love with that song immediately. Probably ‘coz the song was exactly how I felt at that point of time.

Have not actually followed much on her on youtube. She’s a youtube singer by the way. But I still love that song. Cannot remember how I managed to get hold of her Unfold album though.

When Jerrick posted on plurk that Marié Digby’s coming SG for concert again, I waited no more! Got myself a ticket immediately. Early bird ticket cost about $61.85 GST & booking fee inclusive. Free standing ticket. Doesn’t matter if I might end up going alone. Not going to miss it anymore!

Thankfully, Jerrick’s another fan of hers. hahaha! So I’ve got company!

Ticket stub says 7pm. Was panicking at 5+, I’ve yet found out where on earth The Arena is! Suddenly remembered NLS might be familiar with Clarke Quay area. And thanks to gothere.sg as well. The screenshots are helpful!

When I reached at 6.30pm, I was already the 50-60th person. Wait no more. Singaporeans queue! What else do we know? haha

Finally got admitted into The Arena at 7. Bought myself Marié’s both albums, got the poster for free!

Interestingly, Singaporeans only know how to queue. We were queueing inside The Arena, waiting to be admitted into the concert area. Until the bouncer (or someone else) said “People! You do not need to queue here! Mingle around!” Hahahaha.. And so, Jerrick & I moved to the front, probably the 10-20th.

Inside the concert area, ‘coz early bird ticket holders get the priviledge to enter first, we get to choose where we want to stand.  VERY close to stage we were. 😀

While waiting, English songs were being played. Being a suaku that I am, I couldn’t recognise those songs. I listen to Chinese songs ya? Until I heard Brian McKnight’s Back To One. Never have I felt so familiar with English songs. Just like what I’d posted on plurk, it’s worth celebrating when I can sing along! Muahahhahahaha!

Concert finally started at 8pm. 1.5hrs of standing was starting to kill my legs. By the time the concert ended at 9, my poor legs couldn’t take it any more.

But it was all worth it. Marié sang songs from the first album as well as the newly released second album. Was in joy when she performed the backyard song – Stupid For You. Hahhaha!

Photos will be up when I get them from Jerrick!

Meanwhile.. blur photos from my iPhone.. hahaha

4 Apr – Cheer Chen’s The Sun concert

Earlier this month, I was at Cheer Chen’s concert. By a series of events, I ended up going with JK instead of colleague. LOL.

Weeks prior to that, JK missioned me to learn ALL her songs coz I wasn’t that familiar with them. I was too busy (with work if you’d kept up with my plurks) to learn.. yes I could have listened while working but it’s hard to concentrate. 🙁

A search on google for the concert poster brought me to this site. It’s interesting to know that STB actually posts such concerts into the events calendar. Amazed that the site is pretty updated.

Was supposed to meet JK at 5.30pm, but I was dilly-dallying (I think) that I was late, and took cab down, only to realise that.. he woke up only at 5.30pm.. -_-! Since it was still early, I went into Coffeebean and enjoyed myself with a cuppa Ice Blended Mocha and iPhone in hand. Feels good to do that, probably I should try it again 🙂

Dinner was good. Simple food fare @ Pastamania. Couldn’t finish my food though, the serving was huge. Nevertheless, it was time well spent. =)

Decided to walk over to Indoor Stadium at 7. Didn’t realise that Star Pass holders can enter the venue early! Good thing I brought my card! Was planning to get some momentos, but nothing interest me. LoL.

I tried to do a live update when the concert started, but found it hard ‘coz I didn’t know the titles of the songs. Mission FAIL. haha!

First time hearing her live. Have heard that her unplug is nice, courtesy of JK, years back. But wasn’t really a fan of hers. No regrets going for her concert this year though! She’s good (and I think that’s what I always say, regardless which concert I go to). I like hearing her sing live. unplugged. And now I have another added to the “must go” list – Mayday, David Tao, Cheer Chen.

A random search on youtube

3 years ago her voice was already that good =)



Yes I’m still feeling pretty high!

Was actually there pretty early.. 3.45pm! ‘Coz the merchandise sale starts at 4! And there was already quite a long queue when I reached! -.-! Kiasu fans! LoL *oops*

Wanted to get the STAY REAL tee! But freaking expensive! 50bucks! OMG.. Ended up buying 1 white concert tee! Nice!! Though the design didn’t look nice on screen, it look great on the teeshirt!

Dog show over at Kallang Leisure Park! Went to find Kejun & Lucky!! And Lucky is so obdient ! As in, during the competition lah!! Oh man.. He/She (?) is huge in size! Being a husky, it’s still so much bigger than grouser’s Sapphy (German Sherphed). And there’s some car racing next door at carpark F!

Back to office since there’s almost 4 hrs more to go! Only when I logged on MSN when I saw Phee’s nick – @ Kallang Carpark F. LOL! Ended up he was there in the demo car racing!!! OMG!!! Silver line!! And according to him it’s COOL! OMG OMG OMG!! I’ll never get a chance to sit in it can?!?!??! >.<

Back to Kallang at 7pm! Went to queue at the merchandise sale again! hahaha! Huijun decided to buy more.. And I got tempted to buy the black concert tee as well.. so.. TADA!! I got BOTH the designs! WHEE!!!

Walked over to Leisure park again. Saw DATOU!!! Serene (Ng)’s dog! It’s a Shitzu (duno how to spell LOL)! 久仰大名!Finally see it after hearing its name for so many years! And Lucky ran in the companion dog competition! It’s so cool seeing so many doggies!! And some of them are so cute!!

Ok back to concert!

It all started with 抓狂. After which I forgot the sequence. LoLs. Pardon my lousy memory!

Oh wrong! it all started with some video at outer space. Since the concert title is 回到地球表面, from last year’s 离开地球表面.  Then!! Some people jumped down from the ceiling!! And they attacked us with their (fake) guns! OUCH! They invaded earth!! When almost everyone got killed by these mysterious killers, the 5 members of the bandgroup descended from above the stage!

And there we go!

And! 360 degree stage! I was just 4 rows away from the runway!!!! A14, that’s the block that i was at!

At the start of the first song, EVERYONE STOOD UP! Oh my!! The crowd last year wasn’t THAT HIGH at the start.

Everyone was high THROUGHOUT.

The atmosphere went another level up when something from the ceiling was lowered. OMG it’s the mini stage!!

And everyone started rushing to where the runway was. -,-”

The first to run across the runway (at the other runway) was Ah Xin! Then Stone (I think he started the trend of hitting everyone’s hand when he run across LOL)! Masa (the runway at where I was)! Monster! Guan You!! WOOHOO!! As they were introduced individually when they reached the stage, Guan You’s intro was the longest, since he’s always HIDING behind his drums. hahaha! This is one rare chance to catch a good look at him!

The target today seems to be Masa, since IT’S HIS BIRTHDAY!! Woohoo!! HAPPY 31ST BIRTHDAY!!!

And EVERYONE sang the Birthday Song! So touching!

The screams came even louder when the 5 of them started running back to the main stage. Everyone trying to touch them as they run past. *sweat*

Ok I think this is bad.. I can’t remember the sequence of the songs sang!

But! I remember Ah Xin singing some of his composed ones! Like 叮当’s 离家出走, 杨宗维’s 洋葱. Oh man.. though pretty high pitched, Ah Xin still sang it very well!

Oh!! Stone also dedicated a self-composed song 咿呀呀 to 小石头!

The concert so-called-ended at 2300hrs. But expectedly, there’s encore lah.. ahahaha

And!!! They appeared from another entrance to the mini stage directly! When we were all looking at the main stage. LoL

They were ALL wearing the concert tee! With Guan You being the only one in the black tee. =D

Awwwwww As they leave the mini stage back to the main one, all of them look so cool! As they sing / strummed the guitars as they proceed back via the runways. COOL!!!!!! When I’m just < 3m away! XD XD XD XD

They already look cool on stage, not to mention they’re just a few metres away, while performing!!!

The full concert ended at 2330hrs.

Immediate after-effect of the concert: ACHING ARMS! hahahas.

And the Stadium Direct buses! Cheated us! ‘Coz we couldn’t get on board the buses that came, we decided to wait for the next one, but none came after 15mins?!

Anyway.. here’s the song list! Obviously it’s not in the correct sequence lah.. And there’s a chance it’s not a complete list..

九号球 (one which, according to Youli, is from the 时光机 album)

Gosh I’m so tired. I need MORE koyok.

Updated: The Encore Concert

Posted on January 7, 2008 – 1:33 am

No one else in history did this. Encore concert within 6 months!

And so the heavenly king held his encore concert @ Indoor Stadium!

Good seats this time! 12th row from the front! woohoo! Pics will be up tomorrow when I’m in office. =D

More oldies this time! More familiar songs! More songs to sing along with ;p

  • 爱火花
  • 头发乱了
  • 忘记他
  • 屈倒病
  • 只想一生跟你走 (my all-time favourite)
  • 想和你再去吹吹风
  • 吻别
  • 情书
  • 你是爱我的
  • 如果爱
  • 爱是永恒
  • 祝福

Of course, there were many other songs. 1 hr of encore as usual. Shiokkkkkk

Edited on January 8, 2008 – 11:33 pm

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Updated: 《今天情人節》新加坡演唱會2007

Posted on December 30, 2007 – 1:45 am

Thanks Central Mall, thanks Twipster for passing me the tickets she won =D


List of songs she sang (not in sequence):

  • 崇拜
  • C’est la vie
  • 一秒的天堂
  • Sunrise 我喜欢
  • 我喜歡
  • 为我好
  • 分手快乐
  • 亲亲
  • 可惜不是你
  • 燕尾蝶
  • 爱你不是两三天
  • 勇气
  • 暖暖
  • 最想环游的世界
  • 小手拉大手
  • 夜夜夜夜
  • fly away
  • 一夜长大
  • 丝路
  • 瘦瘦的
  • 红豆
  • 知足
  • 拥抱(duet with 阿信)
  • 溫柔 (sung by 阿信)

Songs during Encore:

  • Moon River
  • 听不到
  • 伤痕
  • 第三者
  • 原来你也唱过我的歌
  • 三吋日光

Cat 1 seats, $158. Good view.

Nice concert. Totally immersed in her songs, her jokes, her Singlish, her Chinese with M’sian slang..

The peak of the concert.. 阿信!!! Woohoo! I’m most alert when he appeared on the stage. ahhaha =D

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the heavenly king

the difference between a rock band concert & heavenly king’s concert: the audience are on the extreme.

Was at Jacky Cheung concert with Yonglin (my Jacky-Cheung-khaki since 11 yrs ago), Shuhua & Shiwei.

As usual, I’m always the backup when someone can’t make it at the last minute. lol.

Back to topic. The audience today, was dead, as compared to Mayday’s concert last month. It’s two concerts on the extreme anyway. One is rock, the other is erm.. heavenly king? =D

But still, Jacky is still as powerful as before. I love his voice. So strong, so powerful. Mixture of concert + musical (combination of Snow Wolf Lake & Perhaps Love – movie starring Jacky himself) , I must say the costly ticket price is worth it. Not much stage decoration, but filled with lots of songs and a close-to-1-hour encore.

The encore brought back memories from sec sch. Songs were classics from the era. Reminded me of those days when YL & me would discuss about Jacky’s songs in class (We were sitting next to each other then). Probably I should dig out all the albums that I have and rip to mp3. The last song, especially, brought back memories on how my class rehearsed for the sch’s 80th anniversary dinner.

One of my personal fave from today’s concert:

『讲你知』 – cantonese
唱 曲 词:张学友