Humidifier vs Diffuser

Someone sent an image of a humidifier in a WhatsApp group today. The group’s topic is on essential oils, so my natural instinct told me a humidifier has nothing to do with essential oils. And I was right.

Did a quick search on google on the differences between a humidifier and a diffuser.

“A humidifier maintains a level of moisture in the room area.”

“Diffusers are used for diffusing the essential oils into the air for aromatherapy purposes.”

To the naked eye, both might be performing the same function, but their purposes are essentially different.

To the extent of my knowledge, generally, one do not need humidifiers in Singapore – given that it is quite humid here. However, if you are often in an aircon room, you might want to consider getting a humidifier in the room as the air is dry. Dry air is often a cause of dry skin and can trigger bacterial/viral problems (No I don’t have any academia reference materials, this is purely my understanding – studied too much, must always put references). A humidifier introduces moisture into the air.

On the other hand, a diffuser introduces essential oil (particles?) into the air. Both may sound the same but I believe the technology for both are different. I read it somewhere that if you put essential oil into the humidifier, you might end up spoiling the humidifier instead.

If I may confuse you, don’t confuse these two with air purifiers. It’s another technology altogether! :’)