Halloween Horror Night 4

So I did another first this year. Paid $ to get scared at Halloween Horror Night 4 at Universal Studios.

Everything was done in a rush – almost everyone was scared while in the haunted houses and quickly walked through. Would have been better if there was time to walk through individually instead of as big groups. (There are storylines for each of the houses but as we were walking through, we were mostly concentrating on where is the next scare coming instead of the story itself.) But with the crowd of 15,000, I guess crowd control was the horror for the organisers. I had fun at the haunted houses and the scare zones though, by putting my happiness on other visitors’ fear (literally translated from 把自己的快乐建在他人的痛苦上). I was laughing throughout when I hear other visitors screaming. And much more amused when people get scared by Carolyn coz of her voluptuous hairdo.

Jing's Revenge
One of the recommended haunted house – Jing’s Revenge
Jing's Revenge
Jing’s Revenge – banner outside the “school”

I went with the agenda of just watching the stage show which Carolyn wanted to watch this much as she missed it few weeks back (yes she loved ‪#‎HHN4‬ this much she visited it AGAIN). Ended up visiting all the rides that were available and completed all the haunted houses too!

Yes you didn’t read it wrongly. ALL the available rides that were opened at night. Including the Return of the Mummy ride which I was so scared of previously. Reason being I didn’t want to waste the money spent on the express pass. Hahha! Imagine entering and out all within 20 mins! Including the always-got-long-queue Transformers!! I’ll go back again just for this!

Thankful for the express pass that allowed us to skip the horrendous queues!
Thankful for the express pass that allowed us to skip the horrendous queues!

Nevertheless, it was a night well spent! I learnt to overcome my fear by setting the right expectations and be well prepared for what’s to come. That can definitely be applied to other things in life as well.

Will I be back again next year?

No I probably won’t coz I’m still not a fan of Halloween. Yet.

Yes I probably will do it for the rides as taking them at night is much more cooling as compared to day time.

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