My Sincere Apologies

for not being able to keep you entertained daily.

I know I”m severely lacking in blog entries. But I’m avoiding entries that say how mundane my work life is. Entries that only says what I’d done that day. I believe this kind of information is not entertaining enough.

I do not blog for the sake of blogging. At least this blog is still.. quite personal to some extent?

Been having many thoughts recently. Decisions to make. Received some news at work and it kind of affected my mood. We’re finally hit by the economic downturn. Oh well..

Have been struck with some confusions, feelings. I seriously think I think too much. That I”m just.. self-asserting pressure.

Whatever I”d typed, seem so generic and vague. haha.. I guess I”m tired. I mean, not that I”m not rejuvenated after the 1 week break, but overwhelmed with the amount of work now. I never had such a hectic work day like today. Back-to-back meetings from 10 till 5. I’m behind schedule for my work ‘coz I was juggling 3 OMS (one man show) projects. Tired as I am, I’m thankful for it. At least, there’s work to be done. Contradicting.

Argh. I think I’m mentally tired now. Probably the above didn’t make any sense to you. I’m just blabbering. Heh.