Tons of things I want to write about, but I’ve not been in the mood for blogging for ages.

Plurk has invaded my life. Made many new friends, met up for dinners and photoshoot sessions.. Sparks flew somewhere but didn’t last long.

Been busy with work. Been doing OT for the past 6 weeks, and many more to go. Applied for leave but had to cancel them due to work overload.

I’ve overdue drafts since the company’s retreat, which was 3 months ago. Had no time to edit those photos. Argh.

And I got myself a new laptop, which hasn’t been personalised yet, coz I’d been bringing the work-laptop home almost every day.

Back from Henry’s wedding. No girls from the class went, I’m the representative as usual. Thanks guys for reminding me what you all did when we were still in sec 1. Seriously I’ll never forget that. Hahahhaha

Time for a break. The eye’s irritating me again. I think it’s the contact lens. 🙁 I must visit the optician tomorrow.

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