I am fine ~.~

Busy the whole day doing freelance, finally a sigh of relief when I sent the final set of files at 12am. 13hrs of work! From a set of 5 changes, increased to dunno how many. Changes just kept coming in. Spent my day in school SCR, enjoying the aircon while doing work. Hee!

Feeling dead tired. Aching shoulder!

Journal’s getting on fine, urgently needed is the conference paper, due Wed. Journal’s due end June. Sounds exciting when I hear that I get to present if my conference paper is selected. XD Though it’s free labour, it’s still an exciting process, especially when I’ve been procrastinating since day1. Good learning experience! Gambatte!

Encouragement given to continue with the experiments! Motivation!*that someone couldn’t remember seeing my name in the non-all-clear list*. woohoo! No guarantee, but a good motivation!

Oh by the way.. it’s confirmed that *that someone* doesn’t know that I’m talking about him. So interesting. =D

I’m tired. But I still want to play maple. It’s public holiday tomorrow after all.

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