The day had been spent without much knowledge of how it went past. Left house despite couldn’t find a proper pair of sandals/shoes to wear. Covered shoes will only give more discomfort to the injured foot, sandals do not give much protection and the sandal strap kept rubbing against the wound. The most comfy slippers, the one which I was wearing when I slipped, was sent for washing. Ended up wearing the best pair of sandals that I could find: the butterfly sandals Reenz got for me last yr. It’s better than the other pair of slippers that I got from Reef during the KL trip last year. But the butterflies caused irritation, and I think there’s more “bites” on my foot now =|

Procrastination made me stay in the Student Computer Room, till I couldn’t withstand the weariness any longer. Was almost limping my way to the bus stop, when I saw B sending his friend off at the bridge. He motioned me to run as he saw the bus coming. Oh well.. I tried but I caught the next bus instead. ><

It’s now officially more bites, more bruises, more aches all over the body. ouch.

Gosh it’s 3am. HUNGRY.

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