Lady Luck

Yay it’s Sunday!! I just reached hall not long ago. Went to 4th uncle (uncle KT) house which is 15min bus ride from my house. Initially wanted to study for quiz, but ended up on the gambling floor playing 21pts. Haha.. Lady Luck was shining on me. Won some money.

Went back home to take laptop & brought to sch. Rushed down to small uncle (uncle KS) house @ Bt Batok. Played 21pts again. As usual, Lady Luck was with me. Hee.. So it’s worth the sacrifice of the quiz. ^^

And now.. here I am blogging when I’m supposed to study! *oops*

Had a very fun day. Next sat shall be the same!!

One Reply to “Lady Luck”

  1. shiok ah!!! win money…me didnt play..coz dont really enjoy it. Like, when lose money will be sad but if win, also sad coz paiseh to spend other pple’s money…sigh, so contradictory.

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