Must See! Must Do! Must Go!

Have you seen it yet? Singapore Tourism Board’s 2011 Calendar!

STB Calendar 2011 - Cover
STB Calendar 2011 - Wall
STB Calendar 2011 - Stickers (I love these stickers!!)
STB Calendar 2011 - 2011/2012 Highlights
STB Calendar 2011 - Jan
STB Calendar 2011 - Feb (My pesonal favourite! Romancing Singapore :))
STB Calendar 2011 - Mar
STB Calendar 2011 - Apr
STB Calendar 2011 - May
STB Calendar 2011 - Jun
STB Calendar 2011 - Jul
STB Calendar 2011 - Aug
STB Calendar 2011 - Sep
STB Calendar 2011 - Oct
STB Calendar 2011 - Nov
STB Calendar 2011 - Dec
STB Calendar 2011 - International Holidays

Kinda surprised to see the page on International Holidays! Makes it so convenient!

Now there’s no reason not to See, Do & Go!

Chingay 2010

Been involved in Chingay as a helper/motivator for a few years now. This year was different, I participated as.. AUDIENCE! =D

Got excited when I received invitation from STB. Almost had to reject the invitation due to family gathering, thankfully the gathering got postponed!

Surprised that our seats were pretty good ones, first row in the last sector. =)

Side view from seat

Our emcee for the sector. Sorry but I have no idea who he is :p

Seems like.. Starwars have been appearing at quite a few events recently

Let the photos do the talk.

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Hip Hop Lion Dance

A friend posted this video on facebook. Look like lion dance but not lion dance. Look like hip hop but not entirely hip hop. Quite an interesting fusion I’d say. What’s your take?

STB Calendar 2010

Received (ok I had to ASK for it) the STB 2010 Calendar!

I thought it was very well designed and nice!


Each month has a different theme. What surprises me, was that each month comes with a “card” that’s stuck to the page. This is January’s.


The “card” looked loose ’cause I attempted to restick it.. hahaha

Taking the card off..


At the back of card, you can find more information of the featured location / event! Now there’s no excuse to give these locations / events a miss =X


And the dates itselves are nicely designed to suit the theme too!


The calendar is so nice that I had to do a blog post on it. Sorry if I spoilt the surprise for those who are getting the calendar tomorrow! 😀

You can check out my flickr for more images of the other months!

A Christmas All Decked Out

A Christmas All Decked Out
A Christmas All Decked Out

The photo said it all.

I wonder how many of us remembered looking forward to trips-to-Orchard during Xmas seasons, when we were young.

At least I did. I loved looking at the decorations, though I loved more about the going-out with the family & cousins.

As we got older, as we start getting busy with our own lives, such trips get forgotten. Viewing decorations can be a way to bond the family members. At least.. that’s how I view it.

I’d stopped walking down Orchard Road during Xmas, for the purpose of viewing / appreciating the decorations. As years go by, you’d realise they’re actually all the same. They aren’t as interesting as they had been when we were young.

So what’s so interesting about this year’s light-up?

Was invited by STB to attend the light-up ceremony on 7th Nov (yes this is a super overdued post!). So together with Huishan, Victor, Qiquan, DK, Claudia, Lester & GF, we attended the ceremony as Media!

Feels very good ahhaha!

Guest of Honour was His Excellency President S R Nathan.

With some performances by JazzKids from Kids Performing & clients from AWWA Teach Me..

Photo credit: Claudia
Photo Credit: Claudia
Photo Credit: Claudia
Christmas tree made up of recycled ornaments
Christmas tree made up of recycled ornaments

And off we go to the arranged-Hippo bus that brought us round Orchard – that’s themed A Christmas All Decked Out.

The whole stretch of Orchard was split into 3 zones.

Blue Zone - where the Snowman stays with winter christmas
Blue Zone - where the Snowman stays with winter christmas
Orange Zone - Reindeer comes out to play
Orange Zone - Reindeer comes out to play
Red Zone - how can Santa be missed out?
Red Zone - how can Santa be missed out?

Other than Orchard, places like Marina Bay (themed A Glitzy Christmas by the Bay) and Singapore River (themed Christmas by the Singapore River) are also beautifully decorated. A pity the hippo bus tour didn’t include these locations due to APEC. And being the lazy busy me, I didn’t had the time to check them out.

If you walk past participating buildings for the Orchard Road’s Best Dressed Building Contest, you can vote for your favourite best-dressed building!

Of course, how can Christmas be fun without Christmas Sales? I won’t be able to tell you where and what (too broke to go shopping!), but you can check out STB’s Celebrations-Packed Singapore site to find out more!

I have a new-found love for walking down the lighted-up streets – friendship bonding. The photo said it all.

Thanks Benjamin for the invite! I had a great time!

More photos on flickr!