You’re not obligated to do things just because you’re told to do it.

Neither are you obligated to continue as the VP just because everyone wants you to carry on.

I can see that you’re very tired, given the current family situation that you’re in.

Though there are many matters that I do not agree with you, we’re right in our own ways.

If you decide to carry on, then you’ll have to hang on there. I know you still have an undying passion for the school.


been there.

After a long 1 year break from the alumni.. I went back *reluctantly* on Friday for mid-autumn festival celebration.

Like what I told T on msn just now, I’ve been hiding, but now I’ve got no more excuses to hide. Really glad I took this break, it gave me a chance to concentrate 100% on other stuff, especially school work (not that I excelled in it).

I’m still reluctant to participate in activities now. Too used to my own life now. I’m not going to let the alumni rule my life again, it’s time for me to control my time spent at the alumni.

Well, I think I made the alumni sound like the bad guy. I didn’t mean it that way, just that I think I’ve lost the passion I had for the school. Reality struck after graduation from university.

My recent favourite phrase : *angry*

Angry with myself. For being too good-tempered. For being easily bullied. I feel angry, but I do not show it. Disappointed with myself.