7 Mar – Ah Ma’s Bday Celebration

I kept thinking to myself why I wasn’t early for the celebration, then I suddenly remembered I was involved with SDSC’s Flag Day *facepalm*

And so the story goes..

I wasn’t at Uncle KS’s place in the morning, but Auntie Siew Siew passed me the photos she took.

Ah Ma with Lele
Ah Ma enjoying her longevity noodles

The celebration began with Lele presented Ah Ma with the bouquet of roses on behalf of all the uncles & aunts.

Lele presenting the bouquet of roses to Ah Ma
Lele presenting the bouquet of roses to Ah Ma
Ah Ma with the roses
Ah Ma with the roses

The long awaited song!

Photo taking session started with the 3rd generation first!

The cousins (with 8 missing ones)
The cousins (with 8 missing ones)

See the little girl in yellow? She’s born on the same birthdate as me! 😀

The 4th generation - my nephews & nieces (with 1 missing in action)
The 4th generation - my nephews & nieces (with 1 missing in action)

There were many other family shots taken, but I think I’ll bore you with them, so I’m keeping the story short. I thought the following collage was nice. Random shots I took of Jiawen (girl in white) & Wanxin (girl in green). Do the photos tell you a story? 😀

Random shots taken with my iPhone
Random shots taken with my iPhone

Repeated many times, I still love such family gatherings! Can’t wait for the next one to come. Mothers’ Day celebration!

Mothers’ Day 2008

The annual MD gathering was here again! Woohoo!

The “day” started, obviously, only when I reached the celebration venue. XD

After I’m done with fooling around, or rather, after I’m satisfied with the buffet dinner and feeling so left out, the camera was finally being dug out from my bag. Oh yes, food was great! Cater was Q’zin, which I think is the shortform for cuisine.

Nothing much to write about it (keeping things not meant to be shared unsaid).. So here are the photos.

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A day filled with thoughts of joy

25 Dec 2007. 农历十一月十六.

Ah Gong’s 3rd death anniversary, according to the Chinese calendar.

Despite a wonderful morning to sleep in, most of us were already at 二舅’s house by 8am. After a quick sponsored-breakfast by cousin Elaine, we got down to serious work – 折金纸. Being a traditional family, many bags-filled-to-the-brim-as-big-as-the-recycling-plastic-bags were prepared.

10.30am. Time to bring those bags-full-of-金纸 downstairs to burn. Had a free hotter-than-sauna session. My arms were red at the end of the session =|

By lunch, we were all free. Plans were made to keep ourselves entertained – movies / ktv. Ended up at Teban Gardens RC Centre for a ktv session.

Interesting day I would say. It’s not often you get to see the whole extended family gather – 阿麽,、姑婆s、表姨s、舅舅s、舅母s、阿姨s、姨丈s、表哥s、表嫂 (only one at the moment)、表姐s、表姐夫s (though only one turned up today)、 表弟s、表妹s、表侄儿s、表侄女s. Other than the 9 people who couldn’t make it, the attendance hit a record of hmm.. let me count.. 52 people? That’s even more than the Christms party we had at 小姨’s house last week. =)

That’s how big my family is. We can be so closely knitted if we want to be. I love being with them. Made me feel great to be part of them =D

The gathering today made me realise, how we all have grown. Really. Missed those happy-go-lucky days.

The gathering today also made me realise, I should treasure my family more.

I wonder, when will we have a gathering with such a high attendance rate again.

And yes.. anyone with photos from today’s session, send me please. =D