I know..

Yes I know.. I’ve not been posting regularly these days. The last proper update was one month ago.

But there are times I want to blog, yet was feeling lazy. Lack of motivation to edit the photos taken during company’s Away Day.

As usual in almost all my posts, many thoughts came but difficult to pen them down. Just not my style to blog about stuff that are too personal, or stuff that might spoil the very-nice-girl-next-door image that many of you have of me.

Have been clearing leave, since they can’t be brought forward to next year. I thought these 5 days was a good break. Really had the chance to relax, popped by lele’s house coz I missed him, fixed some pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that I bought 6 years back, cleared more episodes of a show that I’m currently watching. Spent the whole sunday night till this morning 6am helping friend with his school assignment. Felt tired but it was a good feeling. How I wish real life applications are as easy as those assignments.

Managed to have a good chat with the friend as well, another friend whom we seldom meet but yet still able to chat and discuss on issues I don’t usually do with others. Feels good. It’s like the burden being lightened.

Reflections done over the past 5 days as well. If I’ve not been a good friend, or a good cousin, don’t tell me. Haha.. I know I’m not a good sister, so there’s no need to add on to the list.

I’ve come to terms that life is really fragile. Finally gotten out of the depression period, something which I wouldn’t want to go through again. Six months of torture is enough. No more!

All I want now, is for the small boy to be able to have a smooth transition as he embarks on his new journey to primary school. It had been tough persuading him to wear his hearing aid, now that he’s used to it, next step is to help him cope with school. I know we can do it. He can do it. Coz he’s loved by all of us.

Enough rantings for now. Time to get ready for work tomorrow.

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