Back alive

After a few packed weeks of rushing work, it’s finally over (for now)! First delivery was done on Sat morning, with us rushing bug fixes till the wee hours of tht fateful morning.

Had been a good experience working with my colleagues, each with our own expertise, helping one another out when needed. (Though I don’t think I did much)

Nevertheless, IT’S OVER!! No more working into late nights!

But, I came to work on Monday feeling lost. 😀

Schedule for now is to look through what had been done, and improve on them for the final delivery.

Somehow I miss the late nights. ‘Coz I’ve got no reason to come in late now! LOL.

It’s finally time to take a break. After my trip to Bintan this Friday, that is. Annual company retreat.


Starting Korean lessons tonight! Kinda excited over it, seeing that I actually signed up on impulse. Haha..

Misia concert this Sat, PR tix from the organising company. Woohoo~ Thanks!

Xinyi’s wedding last weekend @ Mariott. Great meet-up with Siling, Yusheng & wife Liting, Weiqun, Weiyang & NLS. A chill-out session afterward with NLS @ Dempsy. Ended up at Ben & Jerrys though, met his friends by chance and we ended up leaving the place only at 6.

Resolution for now, time to start slimming down.

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