Chingay 2008

Back from Chingay 2008.

Been a tiring 2 days, be it the preview or the actual parade. Nothing’s in proper order. Instructions not clear. Worse was my helpers were all kids. -.-”

Not that I’m biased, sec 3 students have a mind of their own yes. Old enough to think yes. But still too young to help out at such an important area.

Holding area’s one of the more important areas. We have to make sure the floats are in the correct order, make sure that the performers have arrived, make sure that the sequence of the performers in the holding area is correct (so that they go to the performance area in the correct order, together with the floats). In short, we have to make sure the sequence the performers appearing at the performance area is the same as what’s on the emcee’s script.

Interesting scope of work. Did a similar stunt (smaller scale though) before, 11 years ago at NH’s 80th speech day.

But then, I probably should venture into other areas other than admin. =| I didn’t choose to do admin, it was automatically allocated to me. *faints* I don’t want to do admin work! hahahha! Though I was pretty much slacking throughout.. Standing at one point, so that my helpers can find the “landmark”. LOL

If we get to help out again next year, we definitely need more mature helpers. =X

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